Gas For A Long Drive


By Pallavi Sharma


On Friday morning, as I was doing my rituals i.e. working the treadmill and the elliptical, I saw a middle aged man walking towards me in a black attire. Turns out, he is one of the Certified Personal Trainers who try to lure the LifeTime Fitness clients into getting a Fitness Assessment Test. Considering my invisible cloak of conceit that I constantly wear, I have never cared enough for one of those tests. So I gladly greeted the gentleman with a sweet smile and shook hands with him. He had been watching me sweating it out for the last one hour and ended up asking if I had filled myself with enough nourishment for a crazy sweat like that. Hmmm, it had never occurred to me that its highly recommended to get a little bit of food inside that belly of ours before a workout, to avoid light-headedness and a growling noise! Now, by “food” I obviously don’t mean an old country buffet or a three course meal right before a workout! What I mean is a little bit of energy snack like an energy bar or a protien shake which will help in providing you more energy for your workouts and get the most out of them. Let me elaborate.

Our body’s main source of energy is the carbohydrates stored in the form of glycogen in the liver and the muscles. So when your glycogen content is depleted, your body will definitely try to burn the stored fat in you body (which you have been desperately trying to get rid of), but it will cause fatigue and you may not have enough energy to keep your stamina up and going. So on the other hand if you were to say eat a hearty meal several hours before a workout or even a little snack few minutes before, the carbohydrate that you would have consumed would get into the bloodstream in the form of glucose which is another readily available source of energy for the body which gives you the extra oomph for your workout. That way you have two sources of energy (the glucose in the bloodstream and the glycogen in the muscles and liver) which causes you to last longer and stay stronger during your workouts.

Now you must be wondering: What to eat before and after a workout?
Here’s a great article I came across which talks about fluid intakes and the kind of food products to eat before a workout. Check it out!

Starving yourself and thinking that the body would burn stored fat will have the reverse effect on your body. So if you want to enjoy and love your workout sessions, well nourish your body and see yourself turn into a live energizer bunny! YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!

About pallavisharma

Welcome to my blog! Apart from being a health and fitness freak, I love writing, and this blog is a perfect outlet for it. I am not a professional writer by any means, but would like to be someday, so I can inspire people far and wide. I am a project manager by day, and go to business school at night. I am happily married to the love of my life, and thoroughly enjoy being a stepmom to two of the most wonderful kids I know. The goal of my blog is just one word – INSPIRE. If I was able to help even one person enough to get them to change their life around for the better, I would consider myself extremely fortunate. I am super thankful to all my readers who have given me so much love and encouragement through the years. You guys rock! I will leave you with one quote – “Monotony is the awful reward of the careful. If you want to change and grow, you need to take risk” – John C. Maxwell

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