Beating Procrastination & Mastering Stress-Free Productivity – Few Simple Ways


By Pallavi Sharma

As the new semester rolls in, the upcoming demanding times have been pushing me to make significant changes to my daily routine. Not that my routine has been all that bad, but simply to make it tad more efficient for myself.

After a month and a half break from school, it is rather challenging to get back into the good old rhythm – juggling school and a full-time job. One of the key things an MBA program teaches you is time management. I cant say that I am a guru at it being over half way into the program, but I can proudly say that I have learn’t to move quite fast through my various targets for the day.

Now the down side of that is, some days I move so fast that I tend to burn the candle on both ends and be left frustrated with myself for not having enjoyed the simple pleasures of daily life, like chilling with a mug of tea and a book and quietly listening to my favorite pandora station – buddha bar. But then after all those busy hours, I should expect a significant increase in the amount of work getting done. Hmm, not really!

I recently realized that unlike men, women have a tendency of juggling between many tasks at the same time, which is a great talent. But on the downside, we women are constantly thinking about task B and C, while working on A. That way, we end up taking more time in doing A as we do not give our complete attention to A. And even when we manage to complete it, its for the lack of a better term, half assed! So when I found the short-coming in my methodology, I quickly started to find ways of fixing this big problem in my life. Started looking up ideas of increasing my efficiency on a day to day basis. And I must say that I found the 2 best videos I’ve ever come across.

1). Robin Sharma is one of the best out there in the field of motivational speaking, leadership and personality development. He’s best known for his bestseller, “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”. In this particular video, he talks about how one can beat procrastination in 5 simple ways –

a). Creating a magnificient obsession mission statement and a dream collage

b). 30 day procrastination diet

c). The Power of Exercise (Second Wind Workout)

d). Create Distraction Free Environment

e). Release Your Self-Sabotage

2). David Allen is the creator of the GTD (Getting Things Done) methodology. He has authored a book called “Getting Things Done” which took off majorly among all groups of people, tech professionals especially. He talks about being productive without being stressed out. And the simplest way of doing that is by being absolutely in-tune and in-sync with your task at hand during the time period of its execution. He talks about a concept which we all know about and perhaps have followed many times, but haven’t been consistent with it. And this is the age old concept he is trying to drive home, putting it in contexts we all can relate to more easily.

The routine that has worked for me the best has been waking up at 6AM everyday and getting a workout in. This not only makes me energetic and more pumped up for the day, but gives a head-start to my day as well. In the end, I have more time in the evenings for school work and fun activities as well. So make it a point to watch these videos and most importantly, make sure to integrate those simple tips and tricks into your day. If I can do it, you definitely can!

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