Insanity/Asylum Vol 1/Asylum Vol 2 – Which One is for You?


By Pallavi Sharma

Continuing on my “Insanity” journey, I picked up Asylum Volume 1 over the month of January and successfully completed it! It involved alot of hard work and more than that, dedication. Currently I am over half way into Volume 2. Now out of all these workouts, which one is best suited for you?

There are multitudes of blog posts and articles out there which will give you quite a detailed analysis of each workout in each of the programs. I will be listing some of those in this post for your reference. But my idea of this post is to give you a gist of all the three and give you an honest picture of which one is best suited for you.

Insanity: If you are looking to bring about drastic changes in your body, and looking to lose a decent number of pounds, then the original Insanity workout program is for you. Like I’ve mentioned in a previous post of mine that its main focus is to get your heart rate up and burn fat quick. Their intense non-stop cardio workouts help you quite easily achieve those goals. And its easy only if you are dedicated about doing them everyday and pushing yourself.

Insanity Asylum Vol 1: If you are looking to build strength along with stamina and agility, this will be perfect for you. It not only focusses on burning fat, but at the same time works on building lean muscles and sculpting your body. Unlike Insanity, it is slightly slow paced. But do not be fooled by that because the work involved if comparable or even more in this case. It incorporates multiple sports moves, but it isn’t only restricted to athletes and professional sports players, but anybody who leads a decently active life-style.

Insanity Volume 2: This workout program is very much like volume one. The only difference being that this one cranks it up a notch or two. The overall theme of incorporating sports moves is still the same, but in this case the moves are much more challenging. Poses are held longer, and repetitions are increased. The videos are longer by 20 minutes, so you tend to burn more number of calories. The benefits are all the same as in the previous program. So if you are looking to make your workouts fun, interesting and diverse, this is for you.

I would like to be honest that these workouts require a higher level of fitness to be able to make it through the videos. So make sure to try out the training videos/fit test in these programs first before your get into it. It will be like a mirror for you and help you guage your fitness level. But I would still suggest you to push yourself, and make adjustments along the way if there are certain exercises your body resists you from doing.

I would like to leave you with just one suggestion: always listen to your body. You would like to stay in shape and look great even in your later years, so love those knees and joints, and treat them well.

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