Healthy Snack Ideas


By Pallavi Sharma

Just like each and everyone of you, I too have very limited time in the day to spend in the kitchen, working on making elaborate meals (I try keeping one day in the week to do that, because of my love for good home cooked meal). I love the quick fix meals, and I am constantly on a hunt for healthy meals and snacks which I can prepare in under 20 minutes, throw it in my purse and be on my way to wherever my day takes me.

On school nights I am extra paranoid about carrying enough food to last me a whole day, until late night. So here’s a list of a few food items one will always find in my purse:

1). Cuties (the tiny little oranges): These are my absolute favorites! Besides fitting super easily in my big purse, they are a powerhouse of energy and vitamin C. They not only nourish you and keep you hydrated, but they also keep you cough and cold free.

2). Cut up strawberries and blue berries, mixed in with cottage cheese or greek yogurt, topped with honey – These are my staple school night snack. They are rich in protein, vitamin C, major source of anti-oxidants and to top it all, they are delicious!

3). Cut up cucumbers and tomatoes, topped with salt and pepper – These are my favorite summer month snacks. They are super hydrating and refreshing to eat. They are also quite low in calories.

4). Granola with yogurt – Really love this snack. They are great as a quick breakfast item, but I love it so much that I often times whip it up during lunch or dinner for myself. Or simply throw it in my bag for when I’m on the road.

These are few of my top snack ideas. I would love to find out what you do for healthy snacks. Feel free to leave you comment below.

About pallavisharma

Welcome to my blog! Apart from being a health and fitness freak, I love writing, and this blog is a perfect outlet for it. I am not a professional writer by any means, but would like to be someday, so I can inspire people far and wide. I am a project manager by day, and go to business school at night. I am happily married to the love of my life, and thoroughly enjoy being a stepmom to two of the most wonderful kids I know. The goal of my blog is just one word – INSPIRE. If I was able to help even one person enough to get them to change their life around for the better, I would consider myself extremely fortunate. I am super thankful to all my readers who have given me so much love and encouragement through the years. You guys rock! I will leave you with one quote – “Monotony is the awful reward of the careful. If you want to change and grow, you need to take risk” – John C. Maxwell

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  1. Hi Pallavi! Nice suggestions for snacks. You could also try having roasted peanuts (unsalted preferably), cheese slices, buttermilk, soy milk, nuts like walnuts and almonds. Raisins and dates are good too. Some people might not find these options suitable due to medical reasons or allergies, but if one does not have problem eating any of the above, I think they can make healthy and delicious snacks 🙂

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