6 Ways – In Shape For A Big Day


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We all have one of those big events in life that creep up on us very quickly. We wanna look our best in a very short period of time, for say – cousin Sam’s wedding, or for that much awaited prom night, or for that sexy beach party, or even for your own wedding! These are all times when we tend to be the most conscious about our appearance. There will be a million pictures taken and like you know, pictures stay forever! 🙂 So can you quickly diminish the effects of bad eating habits? Here’s how!

1). Lower Sodium Intake: Sodium is the number one cause of water retention in our body. Which causes the puffiness in your body and most importantly around our belly region. Try to minimize the intake of canned foods. Also minimize adding additional salt to your home-cooked meal as well. And if possible, try to cut down on eating restaurant food. They usually tend to be very high in sodium.

2). Low Sugar: This one is the hardest to do! We all know the facts about sugar and what it does to the needle of the scale when you step on it? Minimize sweet dishes, ice cream, chocolate, etc. If you like to sweeten your tea or any other food item, try natural honey. Its healthy and its safe.

3). High Fiber Intake: Fruits and vegetables are a great source of fiber. Fiber is extremely important in having a healthy bowel movement. So in-order to have a slimmer belly, you have to increase your fruits and vegetable intake. I consume a lot of berries during the day. I also carry 3 to 4 cuties in my purse at all times. So when I get super hungry and I am not at home, instead of stopping by at a drive in, I reach out to my purse for my energy filled oranges.

4). Increased intake of water: Our body is made of almost 60% water. So that makes it imperative to consume atleast 8 glasses of water everyday. This keeps our body’s system working flawlessly and keeps us from getting dehydrated. Most importantly it flushes out toxins from our body frequently and keeps our belly looking skinnier and flatter.

5). Stress Eating: Any big event increases the stress levels, resulting in binging and stress eating. You can very easily control this by keeping your emotions intact. Take some time out to meditate and quietening the mind. And if you cannot control your emotions after all, snack on food like – baby carrots, snap peas, and healthy fruits. Even if you overeat, they will not make you sick later.

6). Workout Workout Workout: Just for 30 minutes a day, try to get your heart rate going – go for a 3 mile run, or take a yoga class or whatever exercise fits in your busy schedule. But without fail schedule 30 minutes for your fitness and well being everyday, because you deserve it!

It is important to try this out for atleast 3 to 4 weeks before your see a difference. Hope this helps 🙂

What do you do to get in shape for a big day, quickly?

About pallavisharma

Welcome to my blog! Apart from being a health and fitness freak, I love writing, and this blog is a perfect outlet for it. I am not a professional writer by any means, but would like to be someday, so I can inspire people far and wide. I am a project manager by day, and go to business school at night. I am happily married to the love of my life, and thoroughly enjoy being a stepmom to two of the most wonderful kids I know. The goal of my blog is just one word – INSPIRE. If I was able to help even one person enough to get them to change their life around for the better, I would consider myself extremely fortunate. I am super thankful to all my readers who have given me so much love and encouragement through the years. You guys rock! I will leave you with one quote – “Monotony is the awful reward of the careful. If you want to change and grow, you need to take risk” – John C. Maxwell

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