9 Days of ABmas – Day 7: Leg Climb Crunches


leg climb crunch

This workout is a variation of the typical crunches, only harder. This workout pushes you to keep your shoulder blades up, in the air, for a longer time, which in turn pushes your upper abdominal muscles to work. And if done right it works great for lower abs as well. For this workout to effectively work your lower abs, remember to suck in/contract your lower ab muscles while performing the exercise. This will help in intensifying the workout, and will prove to be more effective.

How To-

Step 1: Lay on your back with your right leg straight up in the air.
Step 2: Place both hands on your right thigh.
Step 3: Use your abs to lift yourself upwards and lightly use your hands to help by climbing them up your right leg.
Step 4: Lower yourself back down to the ground. Repeat for desired amount of repetitions and then switch legs.

Leg Climb Crunch Video

Stay happy, stay healthy! 🙂

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