4 Effective Exercises for Piriformis Syndrome


As important it is to working your muscles everyday, stretching those muscles before and after the workout is equally important. I have suffered with sciatica pains on and off in the last year. There are many reasons for that. Maybe it was due to the workouts I do that require me to move very quickly, sometimes causing me to compromise on my posture and causing injury. Or it also could be due to having a desk job and long hours of sitting. Or it could be stress.

If you are somebody who has suffered frequent flare-ups of your sciatica nerve, these exercises will bring faster relief to you compared to any pain filler. In any form of a back pain, stretching is best solution. So here are a few exercises that might help you overcome the pain, and speed up the healing process-

Pigeon Pose
pigeon pose

This is the holy grail exercise for anyone suffering from these annoying piriformis syndrome. It has become a STAPLE in my stretching routines, and the benefits have been mind blowing!

This exercise stretches your gluteal muscles, causing a decrease in tightness of the muscles. Which in turn causes a release in pressure in the sciatic nerve.

Spinal Twist
spinal twist

Spinal twists are a KEY stretching exercise for any spinal pain or injury. They keep the vertebraes healthy and supple, preventing any potential injury. This particular twist also stretches out the glutes, reducing stress and tightness.

Supine Twist
supine twist

This stretch has the same effect as the regular spinal twist, with a little “twist” and addition- It is a great stretch for the IT (Illiotibial) band as well! Great one for runners.

Seated Head-to-Toe Touches

seated head-to-toe touches

This is another great exercise for the spine. It stretches out the vertebraes causing reduction in pressure. It works very much like a traction exercise.

Here are few tricks to effectively performing these exercises-

  • Breathe continuously and deeply. Do not try to hold you breath throughout the exercise.
  • Hold the stretch for 10 to 15 seconds, for increased effectiveness.
  • Perform these exercises right after a workout while the muscles are still warm. If you are suffering from a sciatica pain, please perform this exercise 3 to 4 times daily for quick results.
  • If I had to give you one advice for the future, I will say, stretch regularly! You will thank yourself for it as the years pass 🙂

    Stay happy, stay healthy!

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