The Squat 30/30 Challenge with Kiran Punjabi


squat 30/30 challenge

Who has heard about the 30/30 challenge? Well atleast I hadn’t until one day I found my good college friend Kiran, whose also an avid fitness and health enthusiast, post articles and pictures on Facebook about it. At first my reaction was- “that’s gotta hurt!”. But as I found out more about it, I realized the massive health benefits that came with it. Curious, I emailed Kiran to fill me in on some of experiences with the “squat 30/30 challenge”. Here’s her feedback-


What is squat 30/30 challenge?The 30/30 squat challenge is when you spend 30 min a day in a squat position for 30 consecutive days.

How did you hear about it? What inspired you to take it up?
I first heard about it from one of my fitness instructors, Andres Vesga who has been incorporating the 30/30 challenge from Ido Portal into this daily life as well.

I could never do a full squat and doing the Asian full squat was almost the most difficult position to be in especially after training long distance running (in preparation for my first 10k marathon). My hamstrings became so tight and it’s a pity that the position that’s support to be nature’s resting position is becoming increasingly difficult for regular human beings.

How do you think it is going to benefit you or anyone else?
Doing the squat has many benefits. Ankle Mobility, Back Pain Relief, Hip Strengthening, Glute Strengthening and Posture Correction

Do you need to be in a certain athletic condition to be able to do it, or can anyone take it up? How prepared do you need to be?
People can do it anywhere and at anytime. We are born to move and we all once had this ability and now it’s been lost. You can begin working on it slowly with elevated heels for a few minutes and then gradually increasing your time and soon you will find yourself being more comfortable, and able to sit deeper into the squat for a longer period of time

What are the issues that one might wanna watch out for? I.e knee issues? And how can you prevent injuries?
Squatting is a safe activity when performed properly. Someone who is healthy and in relatively good physical shape without a history of knee injuries should be able to squat safely with minimal risk. Individuals with a history of knee injury need to give consideration to the increased forces placed on the structures of the knee when squatting. A lack of ankle mobility is usually the limiting factor that would prevent an individual from reaching full depth. The ability to do a full depth squat is a sign of good physical health.

Tell us a little about you and your health and fitness journey.

My current weight is 125 pounds and my highest has been tipping at a little over 200 pounds on the scale in my final year at high school. I’ve had numerous turning points because every time I’ve lost the weight, somehow it manages to creep back in and over the years you realize, this needs to be a lifestyle change. You can’t keep going back to the old ways because it is the old ways that put you in the situation that you were in. The biggest turning point has to be when I decided I’m so done with feeling sorry for myself. My life is in my hands; I can either sit there and whine and cry about it or get up and take the leap to be the person I want to be.

What will be one advice you’d wanna give to someone who is just starting off with fitness and healthy living?
Don’t be in it for short-term. You need to be committed to making a change in your lifestyle. The biggest change has to be diet and eating habits. Nutrition is so underrated and people are so ill-informed. A lot of people think that you can eat whatever you want and just work your butt off and burn it at the gym but it really doesn’t work that way. In the beginning, it is easy to see results and watch the pounds melt off once you’ve began working out but a lot of it rides on what happens outside the gym. You can input all the time you want at the gym and not see optimum results unless you’ve made major changes to your diet and lifestyle.

So there you have it friends, a short review for you guys so you can go ahead and try it out yourself. I know I will 🙂

A BIG thanks to Kiran for her time! 🙂

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