Body Beast Review


body beast

If it was any great body building workout, this one would be it. This program fulfills all the requirements of a great weight training program –

  • Challenging
  • Variety (Working every muscle group)
  • Scalable (Can be made as tough as one would want)

Beach body, the makers of P90X and Insanity, are the ones who developed this intense weight training program. There are 2 tracks in this program – HUGE and LEAN. The HUGE track will focus on muscle increasing and bulking up. This track will be great for someone who wanted to gain greater muscle mass. The LEAN track is for muscle toning purposes as well as gaining muscle mass. Most women will prefer going with the LEAN program. However, do not be mistaken. You can still gain muscle mass in the LEAN program as well. Just got to make sure you increase the weights.

Most routines in the program focus on progressive sets. For example, say a set is about lateral raises. The sets will go as follows –

  • Set 1- 15 reps (10 lbs – based on your comfort level)
  • Set 2- 12 reps (15 lbs – increase weight based on comfort level)
  • Set 3- 8 reps (20 lbs – increase weight based on comfort level)

The workouts are 5 days a week, with one day of rest. Each day there is a focus on a different muscle group, depending on which phase of the program you are. The videos are divided in 2 types – BUILD and BULK. So depending on which track you are in, the program will contain either the BUILD videos or the BULK videos.

The downside of the program is- not enough cardio. It does make sense why there isn’t a lot of cardio, as the program is about building muscles. Doing too much cardio will cause the muscles to reduce. There is one video that is cardio based, but not nearly as much. So I do advice to throw in a couple days of cardio in the week as a second workout. That will help extra fat from creeping in.

Here are some my pictures from my body beast workout last week-





I encourage all of you who are wanting to get in shape for the summer, to give body beast a try. It is definitely worth it, and I have already begun seeing the difference. So you will as well!

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