Guest Post by Kendra Thornton: Energize Your Vacation With These Fun Fitness Tips


kendra thornton

When Kendra first reached out to me, I was pleasantly surprised and quite excited! We spoke about our passion for fitness and with her travelling background, she was willing to share some of her tips on staying healthy and fit while travelling. With the summer around the corner, I guess we all could benefit from her advice. So please welcome Kendra Thornton!

The excitement of going on vacation with loved ones tends to easily eclipse most mundane matters. However, one’s health and wellness routine should not get tossed aside while on vacation. Those who consistently get moderate exercise, nutritious foods and adequate rest will likely have a more enjoyable time on their special getaway. With a little planning, it is possible for your whole family to meet all three of these healthy goals while having a blast on break. Here are some of my favorite tips for staying fit while traveling.

Stay Hydrated to Keep That Vacation Glow

Engaging in even moderate physical activity tends to dehydrate the body quickly. Dehydration is known to cause unnatural fatigue, brain fog and even more pronounced wrinkles. None of these traits are favorable attributes for a fun filled travel escape. A way to banish lethargy and maintain luminous, vacation worthy skin is to sip on good old-fashioned water throughout the day.

Fuel Up With Locally Sourced Food

Distant locales are tempting travel destinations. However, local is best when it comes to food sources. One of the best ways to sufficiently fuel your body to keep up with fitness routines, sightseeing and power shopping is to consume local foods. Foods picked and sold locally usually provide consumers with higher nutrient levels than their imported counterparts. Local foods that are grown by small, environmentally conscious farmers likely contain fewer chemicals too.

Disguise Exercise With Fun in the Sun

None but the most hardened fitness fanatics truly like going to gyms while on vacation. Yet, most would not hesitate to pass a few hours on the water boating. Happily, the results may be the same. Sailing, rowing and even paddle boating are enjoyable ways to work key muscle groups. The fresh air and Vitamin D inducing sunshine are just added bonuses.

Over the years, my family and I have learned that staying healthy while on vacation is not at all difficult; it just takes a little planning and commitment. One process that can be difficult is finding a hotel with the right gym. This is important for my family and I especially for our upcoming trip to Orlando. With so many places to stay, the hotel options are seemingly endless. Sites like Gogobot can help with the process. By doing a series of little things like packing healthy snacks for outings and participating in fun outdoor activities, we stay healthy whether at home or on the road.

Hope you guys are able to benefit from these tips and put them to good use this summer!
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