Managing Fitness While Travelling


travel and fitness
It is that time of the year again – family vacations, road trips and other types of vacations. These will be at their highest starting now until the end of summer. Since its warmer out, it’s easier to think that getting a workout in should be relatively easier. But that is sadly not the case. It is much tougher to get into a rhythm in the summer, when every other day a get-together or a travelling plan is thrown in. So how does one find time for a workout in all this craziness? Here are 3 easy steps that will help with staying prepared and fit-

1). Travel-Friendly Routine – This one is key. Surely there are surprise trips that one might have to take. But for the most part, significant travel plans are scheduled months in advance. Hence in-order to stick to ones’ fitness routine, planning is key. In order to do that, the first step is to create a travel-friendly workout routine. Time is always a big factor while on vacation. There might be a chance that one might not have access to a gym even. In such a case, let not the situation bog you down! Create a list of 5 body weight exercises along with the number of reps and do them each day. Some of my favorite body weight exercises are- jump squats, military push-ups and V-Up crunches. The BeachBody exercises work greatly for such situations. Simply put in the DVD and get going!

2). Healthy Diet – It is tough to stick to a healthy diet while travelling. Airport’s aren’t known for their healthy food options. But the choices one makes can make all the difference. For example, if buffalo chicken is an option, reach out for the salad version versus the wrap or sandwich. The salad will have lesser calories and higher fiber. If possible, request more veggies to be thrown into the mix. It is tempting to reach out to carbonated beverages. Try to go for fresh juices like these- They are all natural and have very little preservatives.

3). Research the Area – Ensure that due diligence is given to researching the lay of the land. Finding out about running trails and parks will be helpful, as one can hit two birds with one stone – get a workout in, as well as explore the area. Nothing can get better than that!
Staying fit while travelling can be a challenge based on the frequency of trips. But it is not impossible. With careful planning and relentless execution, its rather quite easy to maintain a healthy balanced life without the feeling of disruption of one’s schedule

Hope these tips come in handy when you plan your next trip! Good luck and have fun 🙂

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