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Sweet, Crunchy, Yummy, … Breakfast!

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I am extremely not-creative when it comes to making breakfast interesting. Like everyone else, mornings are crazy times for me too, trying to get myself out the door. That does not usually leave me with enough time to prepare an extravagant meal. But the truth is, one does not have to. The important thing with brekafast is that it has to be sumptuous, and it has to incorporate alot of nutritious and energy inducing food items. So this is what I have been eating everyday:
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Maintaining Weight Without Workout


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Sounds weird right? How can one possibly stay in great shape or even maintain without a daily dose of exercise? I used to think the same until the time I couldn’t workout anymore. For two weeks I suffered a back injury which made me incapable of doing any exercise whatsoever. It was hard enough to sit and the only time I felt good was when I would lie down. I had been showing symptoms of sciatica.

Knowing the fitness freak that I am, it was not a surprise to find me worrying about – “How am I going to workout now? How will I maintain myself? What will I do if I gained weight?”. All the negative thoughts began consuming me until I decided to look at my situation differently. I told myself, “Pallavi, you have been working out way too much and your body is asking for some break. You could use this time to focus on other aspects of fitness and staying healthy – diet.”. And I immediately started researching, more than ever, about foods I could eat to give me energy, but at the same time help me keep the pounds off. I went on some serious grocery shopping and revamped my refridgerator. Here are my 8 super foods I heavily integrated into my diet:

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5 Ways To Get In Shape For Summer


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As the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, the excitement of summer being around the corner fills all of us with new energy and enthusiasm. One great way of using this energy is to get in shape. I have been trying out a few things which have been working for me greatly and I would like to share them with you.

1). Morning Workouts: Try and start a new workout program and schedule the workouts for early mornings. Other than getting one’s metabolism high and burning more calories through out the day, the biggest benefit of working out in the morning is that once you are done, you have the entire day to plan and do other things. The human psychology tries to postpone those events of the day which are hardest to do, and to ultimately not get around to completing them. So in order to prevent frustration and guilt later, push yourself a little extra and get done with your workout in the morning itself.

To get more ideas on waking up early:

2). Drinking water before every meal: Drinking a glass of water (approx. 8 ounces) before a meal will help you consume less food. The water will not only hydrate you, but also give you a temporary feeling of having a full stomach. This feeling will tell the brain to only eat as much is required.

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