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Overcoming the “But” – 5 Simple Steps


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I find atleast one person, almost everyday, discuss their challenges around weight loss, strict diet, regular workouts and their busy life, with me. And almost every sentence of theirs’ ends with a “but”.
“I want to lose weight, but…”
“I want to have ripped abs, but…”
“I want to give up on sugar, but…”
“I want to workout regularly, but…”

And sadly, the list goes on.

And I have an awesome advice for you. Muster up some confidence and emove the “but”, and replace “want” with “will. So you sound like this –
“I will lose weight”
“I will get ripped abs”
“I will give up on sugar”
“I will workout regularly”.

Did you see how simple that was? Implementing it is just that simple.

Here are 5 ways very simple beginner steps for implementing it –

Step 1: Face the “Naked” Truth – Most people who are wallowing in the comfort of their being, and continue to complain, it is time to face the truth. Look at yourself in the mirror, and look for rooms for improvement. There are plenty of articles out there telling you about how you need to accept yourself the way you are. Sure, but that does not mean that you cannot improve! Close your eyes and create a mental picture of a better version of you. Now hold that image. Take a look at yourself again. If you do not match that picture, that means there’s work to be done! And if you do, you are an Alien! Hunger for better is what keeps you advancing!

Step 2: Define your Goal – Now write down what your goal is. Can be weight loss, can be muscle strength, can be ab definition, what have you. Write it down in bold letters on a piece of paper. Go on the internet (Google, Youtube) and look for 5 to 6 exercises (in the range of do-able to not at all do-able).

Step 3: Just Do It! – There was a reason why Nike chose that as their slogan 🙂 Now take those exercises and commit to them for the next 30 days. Do them EVERYDAY, without fail. You can make them interesting – create variety, throw in some cardio, or whatever helps you break a sweat and not get bored. And do them wherever – basement, living room, bathroom, hotel room, wherever you can find space. (You do not need a lot of space to get in the best shape of your life – you need determination!)

Step 4: Track, Track, Track – If you want to know if your hardwork is bearing fruits, make it a point to take notes of your progress. You can either take progress pictures, check and write down your weights every few days, or check to see how proficient are you getting at your workouts (compare the # of push-ups on day 1 to day 15). Do not forget about writing in your food journal!

Step 5: Patience – Rome was not built in a day my friends! So be patient. If you are doing all of the above, that means that you are better than what you were yesterday. Simply taking that step towards changing your life is an achievement in itself. So do not forget to give yourself credit from time to time.

Now get going! 🙂

What is Stopping You?


4 types of resilience,jane mcgongil

Every morning I wake up and ask myself just one question: “What is stopping me from being the best I can?”. Is it procrastination? Lack of motivation and drive? Is it plane and simple lethargy? or is it some weird concoction of all of those things? Some days my answer is nothing? And other days it is just lack of will to do anything at all. Well we all of those days, and we know how negatively it can impact our productivity. And I have for a long time been thinking of ways to get myself to wake up each day with a surge of energy that I need to get me on the fast lane. Here are few simple tricks I use to get me going:

1). Eat light before going to bed: Eating too much or right before going to bed will give you the feeling of heaviness and lethargy. Hence its important to keep the dinner super light.

2). Early to Bed Early to Rise: Waking up with stingy eyes and a slight headache means that you might not have gotten the amount of sleep your body needed. Make sure you get about 7 to 8 hours of sleep so you are well prepared for another energetic day.

3). Wake up listening to motivational music or talk – Listening to motivational music or talk really works for me. One of my favorite songs that really gets out the energizer bunny in me is “Remember The Name” by Fort Minor. I often listen to Deepak Chopra whose talks are quite inspirational and touches the spiritual side in me the days I am emotionally low.

4). Drink water as soon as you wake up – Drinking a big glass of water flushes out the toxins in my body, gets my metabolism going and hydrates me thoroughly.

5). Tell yourself “you are the best!” – As crazy as it sounds, this trick never fails! While I am busy doing my morning rituals, like brushing my teeth, I make sure I do not forget to look in the mirror and talk to myself. Telling yourself that you are the best and your day is going to be great, and actually believing in your words, has a major psychological effect to your brain which helps you get excited about your day ahead and helps you get through the day successfully.

I am quite sure alot of you are already doing these things. I would love to know what you do to get yourself going at the break of dawn!

Have a great weekend everybody!

De-Technologize To Lower Stress


By Pallavi Sharma

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If we were to watch a movie of a day in our lives, it will be quite shocking how little time we have for ourselves to unwind and relax. What is more interesting is that individuals don’t seem to be bothered by it anymore. They have accepted the mind-numbing craziness as a part of life and are willing to go on with it. They have forgotten to stop for a second and ask themselves, where are they really going and what are they doing?

I too have been a part of that kind of a lifestyle and in some ways still am. But what I realized was I could not go on too long with the high intensity and stressful schedule. And I also cant be waiting for that one big vacation which is probably two months down the line. It is absolutely imperative to go on little mini-vacations throughout the day and the first step to doing that is “deteching” or “de-technologizing” yourself.

Constantly staying connected with facebook, twitter and emails creates a sense of urgency in our brain. The urgency to take that phone call, or reply to that text, or comment quite sweetly on your friend’s picture even when you know she looked horrible in that dress or tweeting about your new car. All these different forms of technology sap our energy, lower our focus and concentration and raise the stress level. So here are the ways I use to reduce stress in my busy life:

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Beating Procrastination & Mastering Stress-Free Productivity – Few Simple Ways


By Pallavi Sharma

As the new semester rolls in, the upcoming demanding times have been pushing me to make significant changes to my daily routine. Not that my routine has been all that bad, but simply to make it tad more efficient for myself.

After a month and a half break from school, it is rather challenging to get back into the good old rhythm – juggling school and a full-time job. One of the key things an MBA program teaches you is time management. I cant say that I am a guru at it being over half way into the program, but I can proudly say that I have learn’t to move quite fast through my various targets for the day.

Now the down side of that is, some days I move so fast that I tend to burn the candle on both ends and be left frustrated with myself for not having enjoyed the simple pleasures of daily life, like chilling with a mug of tea and a book and quietly listening to my favorite pandora station – buddha bar. But then after all those busy hours, I should expect a significant increase in the amount of work getting done. Hmm, not really!

I recently realized that unlike men, women have a tendency of juggling between many tasks at the same time, which is a great talent. But on the downside, we women are constantly thinking about task B and C, while working on A. That way, we end up taking more time in doing A as we do not give our complete attention to A. And even when we manage to complete it, its for the lack of a better term, half assed! So when I found the short-coming in my methodology, I quickly started to find ways of fixing this big problem in my life. Started looking up ideas of increasing my efficiency on a day to day basis. And I must say that I found the 2 best videos I’ve ever come across.

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