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Top 5 No-Workout Excuses


workout excuse
It is quite understandable that workout can be a challenge some days and for some people. But we all know one big truth about ourselves- mind over matter! Our mind quite easily can take control of our body and discourage us.

Here are some common excuses I get to hear from people-

I do not have a gym membership
Like I have mentioned in some of my past posts, one does not need a gym membership to get a workout in. It can quite easily be done at home. All you need is just enough space so when you lie down on your mat to get some ab crunches in, you aren’t knocking stuff down. And I am quite sure that one cane find that space, even if you live in a tiny studio apartment.

And quite frankly, I think working out at home is the easiest and the biggest time saver, compared to driving up to the gym for a half hour in sub-zero climate. The time it took you to get to the gym, you could’ve completed a workout by then.

I am not a morning person
As effective it is to workout in the morning, it is ok if you cannot wake up early to workout. That should not be a reason to not workout. Make sure that once you are back from work, you do not give yourself a break and get going right away. The idea is to get a workout in no matter how you do it – take a lunch break and workout, or workout after work. Whatever you do, make it count. Put in your all and ensure you are satisfied at the end of the session.

It is that time of the month (for women only)
Many women have recommended me not to workout during my periods. And for some that would make sense given the severity of the situation. But that should not be an excuse! I have worked out in my most horrible times, and it has only lead to feeling good and causing the cycle to be shorter. So for me, working out at that time totally works. I push myself in the beginning, and by the end, I am left feeling much better. So it might work for you too. Give it a try!

I will workout tomorrow (procrastination king/queen)
In my opinion, procrastination is the mother of most failures. The lack of drive to get something done right away. That applies to almost everything in life. And mostly to workouts for a number of people. Working out can be seen as “work” for most people. Which can happen when you aren’t enjoying your workout. In order to feel the “want” to workout, its important to pick what you like doing.

For example, it could be running for some, yoga for others, etc. So picking an exercise routine or activity that you would want to do on a daily basis and that breaks a good sweat, is key to sticking to your plans. What works for your friend, will not necessarily work for you. So find what is it that YOU enjoy doing.

I have injuries, so I shouldn’t take a chance by working out
Depending on the severity of the injury, and where in the healing process it is, sometimes, rest is the answer. If it has been 6 months since the injury healed, and if that is still being used as an excuse, it is probably time to re-evaluate yourself. Like I mentioned before, our body can do more than our mind usually lets it. So pushing one’s self sometimes is the only way of knowing your body’s limits.

These are just my observations and my opinion on what I feel are the issues that prevent individuals from leading a fit life. I have one advice for my readers- if you find yourself in any one of the above categories, please do not take it to heart, but evaluate your current life and make the change that needs to happen. You got one life, live it the fittest and healthiest way possible!

Happy Monday!

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Laila Ali Was In Town!



Thanks to my university (University of St. Thomas), I had the privilege of meeting and greeting one of the most inspiring and influential women in the world, Laila Ali. She is not only known as Muhammed Ali’s daughter and the one to carry on his boxing legacy, but she has proven to be much more. She carved a niche for herself in women’s boxing championship and with sheer hardwork and dedication proved to be a world champion. She is now a mother of two beautiful kids and happily married.

Her talk involved topics of healthy eating and staying fit in order to increase the longevity of one’s life. She was at UST to inspire college kids to start being more aware of their health at an early stage itself. My biggest takeaways from the talk were:
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What is Stopping You?


4 types of resilience,jane mcgongil

Every morning I wake up and ask myself just one question: “What is stopping me from being the best I can?”. Is it procrastination? Lack of motivation and drive? Is it plane and simple lethargy? or is it some weird concoction of all of those things? Some days my answer is nothing? And other days it is just lack of will to do anything at all. Well we all of those days, and we know how negatively it can impact our productivity. And I have for a long time been thinking of ways to get myself to wake up each day with a surge of energy that I need to get me on the fast lane. Here are few simple tricks I use to get me going:

1). Eat light before going to bed: Eating too much or right before going to bed will give you the feeling of heaviness and lethargy. Hence its important to keep the dinner super light.

2). Early to Bed Early to Rise: Waking up with stingy eyes and a slight headache means that you might not have gotten the amount of sleep your body needed. Make sure you get about 7 to 8 hours of sleep so you are well prepared for another energetic day.

3). Wake up listening to motivational music or talk – Listening to motivational music or talk really works for me. One of my favorite songs that really gets out the energizer bunny in me is “Remember The Name” by Fort Minor. I often listen to Deepak Chopra whose talks are quite inspirational and touches the spiritual side in me the days I am emotionally low.

4). Drink water as soon as you wake up – Drinking a big glass of water flushes out the toxins in my body, gets my metabolism going and hydrates me thoroughly.

5). Tell yourself “you are the best!” – As crazy as it sounds, this trick never fails! While I am busy doing my morning rituals, like brushing my teeth, I make sure I do not forget to look in the mirror and talk to myself. Telling yourself that you are the best and your day is going to be great, and actually believing in your words, has a major psychological effect to your brain which helps you get excited about your day ahead and helps you get through the day successfully.

I am quite sure alot of you are already doing these things. I would love to know what you do to get yourself going at the break of dawn!

Have a great weekend everybody!

5 Ways To Get In Shape For Summer


Get In Shape For Summer, summer fitness

As the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, the excitement of summer being around the corner fills all of us with new energy and enthusiasm. One great way of using this energy is to get in shape. I have been trying out a few things which have been working for me greatly and I would like to share them with you.

1). Morning Workouts: Try and start a new workout program and schedule the workouts for early mornings. Other than getting one’s metabolism high and burning more calories through out the day, the biggest benefit of working out in the morning is that once you are done, you have the entire day to plan and do other things. The human psychology tries to postpone those events of the day which are hardest to do, and to ultimately not get around to completing them. So in order to prevent frustration and guilt later, push yourself a little extra and get done with your workout in the morning itself.

To get more ideas on waking up early:

2). Drinking water before every meal: Drinking a glass of water (approx. 8 ounces) before a meal will help you consume less food. The water will not only hydrate you, but also give you a temporary feeling of having a full stomach. This feeling will tell the brain to only eat as much is required.

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Beating Procrastination & Mastering Stress-Free Productivity – Few Simple Ways


By Pallavi Sharma

As the new semester rolls in, the upcoming demanding times have been pushing me to make significant changes to my daily routine. Not that my routine has been all that bad, but simply to make it tad more efficient for myself.

After a month and a half break from school, it is rather challenging to get back into the good old rhythm – juggling school and a full-time job. One of the key things an MBA program teaches you is time management. I cant say that I am a guru at it being over half way into the program, but I can proudly say that I have learn’t to move quite fast through my various targets for the day.

Now the down side of that is, some days I move so fast that I tend to burn the candle on both ends and be left frustrated with myself for not having enjoyed the simple pleasures of daily life, like chilling with a mug of tea and a book and quietly listening to my favorite pandora station – buddha bar. But then after all those busy hours, I should expect a significant increase in the amount of work getting done. Hmm, not really!

I recently realized that unlike men, women have a tendency of juggling between many tasks at the same time, which is a great talent. But on the downside, we women are constantly thinking about task B and C, while working on A. That way, we end up taking more time in doing A as we do not give our complete attention to A. And even when we manage to complete it, its for the lack of a better term, half assed! So when I found the short-coming in my methodology, I quickly started to find ways of fixing this big problem in my life. Started looking up ideas of increasing my efficiency on a day to day basis. And I must say that I found the 2 best videos I’ve ever come across.

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Bob Harper’s 8 Skinny Rules


By Pallavi Sharma

I was strolling around in Target aimlessly on a Sunday afternoon. The book section always pulls me towards it, and I find myself spending hours catching up on all the latest motivational/inspirational book out there. But this time Bob Harper, the star from “The Biggest Loser” show caught my eye. I began flipping through the pages of his book, “The Skinny Rules – The Simple, Non-Negotiable Principles for Getting Thin”, and the simplicity of his 8 rules really inspired me. It is one of those things that we all know about, but aren’t disciplined enough to follow.

To find out what these rules are, click the link below.

I Am Now Officially “Insane”


By Pallavi Sharma

After 60 days of dedication and determination to stick to a fitness program, I can proudly say that I finally finished the “Insanity”! And boy was it tough!

The workouts in Insanity are focussed around maximum interval training. Their philosophy is to crank up your heart rate for 3 minutes and give you a 30 second rest (and there aren’t a whole lot of 30 second breaks in the entire 60 minute workout – maybe 3 to 4 only). Yes I know its brutal, but that is what gets you in the “best shape of your life”. They are not kidding in the informercials when they promise you the best shape ever.

The exercises are centered around plyometrics and fast cardio moves and the best part about the workout is – NO EQUIPMENT! Unlike many fitness programs, Insanity workouts just require your body weight and a strong will to keep going.

So change something around in the coming new year. Take up a fitness program, whatever suits your body, and do it. Apart from getting back to being college skinny, I was more proud of having stuck with the program and never surrendering. Thanks to my neighbor downstairs who finally gave up on complaining to the apartment manager about all the jumping and thumping. Her support meant alot to me 🙂 So if you can simply stay committed, you are half way there! Just take one day at a time and do the workout, no matter how much your body resists.

I would like to know about the workouts you guys have been working on, so that I could get some fitness tips from you guys. Please feel free to leave a comment and DIG DEEPER!