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  1. heyi kiddo…now , i see that frown/smile on the face..i called you a kiddo for knowing u as a junior in school..but you doing some real good stuff..keep it up!!

    • Thx a tonne Sulagna! Your words mean alot to me and give me a major boost to do even better. Keep reading and I’d try my best in providing readers like you the most out of this blog!

  2. nice posts pallavi..
    I love reading them…i hav also been struggling with my weight issues long many years now.I did manage to lose bout 10 kgs after continous sessions on the treadmill and a strict diet.
    But i have hit a plateau now i think.I workout at the gym at least 5 days a week plus 30 mins swimmiing in the evening. However, i feel i undo all of this hardwork by my craving and indulgence into sweets. Only ystday i ate a sinful cream laden pastry. and now i feel so guilty. How should i get over this sweet craving of mine. Kindly help..!!!!

    • I can imagine how you feel. And currently I feel like I am in the same boat. The best thing you can do for yourself is STOP FRETTING! Just try being ok with how you are currently. And then be patient with the reality that you cant possibly be the same weight and size all your life. Even the best of us go through crests and troughs, and that’s life. Enjoy the ride and flow with it.
      If things are bothering you too much then put a stop to indulgence. Or do it in moderation.
      Write what you eat everyday in a little diary. Carry it in your purse with you. I have been doing that and it keeps me in check.
      If you over indulge in bad food one day, make sure you are strict for the next few days.
      If you feel too hungry, trick your body and drink water instead. Drink flavored water, that helps a lot in making it interesting.
      Make your boring diet food interesting with spices and what not. Healthy food does not have to be boring.
      Eat protein and work on your muscle building. Incorporate strength training – lift free weights and increase your muscle mass. Muscles burns fat much more easily.
      Try interval training! Read up on it a little.There are a tonne of youtube videos out there.
      Let me know how this helps. Remember, you are beautiful. Be comfortable first with who you are, and everything else will follow.
      Good luck!

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