How did you evolve as a person after adopting a more healthy and fit life?

Share your experiences and stories which will not only be beneficial and motivating for me, but also for so many readers out there who are willing to bring about a change in their lives!

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  1. I have been practicing yoga for the last one year and it has been life-transforming. This may sound a little philosophical, but I used to be a nervous-wreck, impatient and always running after illusory goals. Yoga helped me take charge of all those emotions in me which were doing no good to me. I became placid, started to bring about more depth in my thoughts and actions and started to look at everything in my life from a positive perspective. Yoga helped me get to the bottom of the well of untapped energy in me and not only my career and job, but my relationship with my friends, family and most importantly with myself, got better in leaps and bounds. I thank Yoga for giving me a new life!

  2. Hey, i turn to to your blog whenever i need inspiration to do my workouts & resume my pursuit of fitness. I get slack sometimes & my whole well planned fitness & health routine goes haywire. I dunno how to be continous in my fitness journey, i get soo angry at myself for losing track of my goal somtimes..But then i read your posts & i am invigorated. Thankyou for sharing your journey with us.

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