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9 Days of ABMas – Day 3: Reverse Crunches


reverse crunches
We all know that the lower abs are the hardest to train and take the longest to get defined. There’s an old saying that abs are made in the kitchen. So this holiday season make sure to get enough cardiovascular exercises in order to burn the fat that you will be consuming in the form of sweets, cakes, candies, etc 🙂 And yeah, go easy on those sugary goodness 🙂

Also focus on doing the right type of ab exercises. One of my favorite exercise for lower abs are the REVERSE CRUNCHES.
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9 Days of ABMas – Day 2: Russian Twist


russian twists
These are one of my favorite exercises. Simply because they engage a number of different muscle groups at the same time – upper abs, lower abs, obliques AND back! Apart of having strong ab muscles, its is equally important (if not more) to have strong back muscles.
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9 Days of ABMas – Day 1: Planks


santa fat

Christmas is only 9 days away and I am off from school – What does that mean for you? That simply means that I have a bunch of time on my hands to inundate you with new blog posts, and get you motivated! Yess, I am pumped!

And this time I am doing something different. Everyone wants a great body in time for the holidays. And right about this time of the year, each and everyone of us is hitting the gym a million times a day, working round the clock to look great, on time for Christmas (or atleast a lot of us workout freaks are 😉 ). But we do not realize, is that you need to be doing the RIGHT exercises to achieve your goals. Let’s say you wanted great ab definition. You are not going to get it by running for hours on the treadmill or sweating it out on the elliptical. You need to be doing targeted ab exercises along with your cardio-vascular workouts!

And for the next 9 days I will be writing a post each day with a new ab exercise that is not only effective, but if done religiously, is guaranteed to give you the definition your are looking for.
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No Rocket Science – Basic Interval Training!


interval training
Workout does not need to be a chore! It needs to be short enough to fit into a busy schedule, and simple enough to have the stay inclined.

So let me jump right in! Interval training is more effective than burning hours on end on an elliptical or a treadmill. That is because interval trainings being fast paced, fluctuates your heart rate and shocks your body each time your heart rate goes up, causing more calories to burn, compared to a constant heart rate caused by doing just one activity for a long time. Interval trainings are short and they preserve your muscle mass, which is key to losing fat!
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Exercise of the Day!


leg raises

I quite recently started doing leg raises. I know, it’s sad that I did not before, because I always found them to be too hard. But ever since I decided to push past my hesitation, I have seen definition, I had never seen before!
Wanna target your rigid lower abs?
Wanna tone your biceps and triceps at the same time?
Wanna strengthen your back muscles and glutes?

Do leg raises!

In my opinion, this is truly the MOTHER of all ab exercises (ofcourse after planks 🙂 ). All you need is one of these.
pull-up bar
It targets all the ab muscles at once, give you a more complete ab workout, versus doing a million of different ones. Do 10 reps of these, 3 times, every couple days, and see the difference.

Push your boundaries today and try a new exercises, maybe the one you think you can never do 🙂

Happy Friday!

Focus T25 Challenge!


insanity, focus t25, workout, beach body, shaun t

After completing Insanity (twice), Asylum 1 and 2, and some of P90X, I wanted to challenge myself once again. I had heard that the Beach Body Insanity team was coming up with another revolutionary workout routine. And I had been waiting for it for a while, until they released it finally last week. So the long wait finally ended for me and today marks the first day of my Focus T25 challenge. Eventhough the regimen asks you to follow it for 60 days, I will be working on it until August 15th. I will try to document my progress as much as I can, but if I am not able to get a blog post out there, I will atleast get a progress picture out soon.
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6 Ways – In Shape For A Big Day


in shape, big day, wedding
We all have one of those big events in life that creep up on us very quickly. We wanna look our best in a very short period of time, for say – cousin Sam’s wedding, or for that much awaited prom night, or for that sexy beach party, or even for your own wedding! These are all times when we tend to be the most conscious about our appearance. There will be a million pictures taken and like you know, pictures stay forever! 🙂 So can you quickly diminish the effects of bad eating habits? Here’s how!
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