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Blogging – How To Stick With It?


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The only reason I have ever stuck with blogging, because in those times I have found myself in these phases of extreme motivation and love for staying fit and writing. Yes I do have times when I am not at all focused. The reasons for distraction could be anywhere from a demanding job, family responsibilities or just simply laziness. And those are the times when I feel that ones has to push themselves the most.

But for some bizarre reason, my workouts don’t really experience the same amount of laziness as my blogging does. Yes I have said it- I love working out more, and I am totally addicted to it. If I did not work out, I would probably drive everyone around me crazy along with myself. MY family knows that very well, and hence they ensure I get my workout in. They are willing to change up their schedule, so I can get a workout in – they are awesome like that!

Currently my life has been seeing a tonne of changes and loads more that are coming up. Next few months are going to be extremely challenging for me to stick with blogging. So I started researching on how I could create a blogging regimen this time (instead of a workout one). I came across this article that quite fantastically lists a number of great ideas that a lazy blogger like me could implement and see some success!


Hopefully all you bloggers out there might find it helpful. If you have ideas apart from what’s mentioned in this article, please go ahead and leave a comment. I would love to get some ideas and inspiration!

Stay happy, stay healthy…always!

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