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Cardio Interval Routine


happy tuesday

Happy Tuesday Everyone – One day closer to the weekend…YAY!

Here’s a great cardio routine I do on alternate days to get in my share of cardio, which is extremely important! This will go really well along with my last routine I posted yesterday – https://stayfitchronicles.com/2013/10/28/no-rocket-science-basic-interval-training/
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No Rocket Science – Basic Interval Training!


interval training
Workout does not need to be a chore! It needs to be short enough to fit into a busy schedule, and simple enough to have the stay inclined.

So let me jump right in! Interval training is more effective than burning hours on end on an elliptical or a treadmill. That is because interval trainings being fast paced, fluctuates your heart rate and shocks your body each time your heart rate goes up, causing more calories to burn, compared to a constant heart rate caused by doing just one activity for a long time. Interval trainings are short and they preserve your muscle mass, which is key to losing fat!
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