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Focus T25 Challenge!


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After completing Insanity (twice), Asylum 1 and 2, and some of P90X, I wanted to challenge myself once again. I had heard that the Beach Body Insanity team was coming up with another revolutionary workout routine. And I had been waiting for it for a while, until they released it finally last week. So the long wait finally ended for me and today marks the first day of my Focus T25 challenge. Eventhough the regimen asks you to follow it for 60 days, I will be working on it until August 15th. I will try to document my progress as much as I can, but if I am not able to get a blog post out there, I will atleast get a progress picture out soon.
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6 Ways – In Shape For A Big Day


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We all have one of those big events in life that creep up on us very quickly. We wanna look our best in a very short period of time, for say – cousin Sam’s wedding, or for that much awaited prom night, or for that sexy beach party, or even for your own wedding! These are all times when we tend to be the most conscious about our appearance. There will be a million pictures taken and like you know, pictures stay forever! 🙂 So can you quickly diminish the effects of bad eating habits? Here’s how!
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What Can You Give Up For A Healthy You?


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I have been feeling this need to change something up in my diet or fitness routine. The reason is that I had been getting injured quite a bit from months of hard workout and I needed to slow down. But in order to slow down I needed to closely watch my calorie intake, and that’s tough! Especially in the summer with all the happy hours and margaritas and mojitos and long island iced teas, etc.
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Get A Smaller Belly – Smooth Move Tea


First things first. Apologies for falling off the grid for sometime. Yep life’s events come in the way of my blogging duties. There are few reasons why
– I do not blog for a living! Wish I did!
– A hectic day job and part-time school leaves very little brain power to create new content.
That being said, let me dive into one of my coolest discoveries of the last few months.

I have been experimenting with this tea for a long time i.e. about 6 months now. It works like a herbal laxative and is great for people with improper bowel movement i.e. constipation. But do not be mistaken. This works for everybody, because it has a cleansing effect on your body.

It’s main ingredient is senna which helps in stimulating your intestine gently to aid in the natural elimination process. Fennel, coriander and ginger help with the cramping effect. It takes about 10 hours for it to work. Hence the best time to take this tea is before going to bed. It truly works like a charm! It makes one feel extremely light and clean, and prepares your intestine to properly digest your food. Give it a shot and let me know what you think!

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Look Your Best In 6 Steps!


look your best in 6 steps
Much thanks to the weather God, who finally decided to show up. Better late than never I guess! With the extra spring in your step, and energy, what are you doing with it? How are you making this summer special? Ofcourse you are spending a lot of time outside with your family, or doing yard work, or engaging in some kind of outdoor activity or sport. But, all the women out there, what are you doing for yourself? Here are a few things I have been focusing more this summer:
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Sweet, Crunchy, Yummy, … Breakfast!

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yummy breakfast

I am extremely not-creative when it comes to making breakfast interesting. Like everyone else, mornings are crazy times for me too, trying to get myself out the door. That does not usually leave me with enough time to prepare an extravagant meal. But the truth is, one does not have to. The important thing with brekafast is that it has to be sumptuous, and it has to incorporate alot of nutritious and energy inducing food items. So this is what I have been eating everyday:
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Stop Being A Maniac!


Rest Days
Importance of Rest Days:-

Whether you are a runner, a swimmer, a figure skater or simply crazy about losing pounds, reassess your workout regimen and see if you might be overdoing it. Today’s materialistic society has eliminated the idea of having a natural human body. The thoughts of the “six pack abs” and “size 00” have taken over the world. Which in reality is a wrong target to aim at. And people are working and pushing their body harder than what is needed. The aim should be to lead a healthy and hollistic life through exercising, good diet and a winning attitude. And that can only happen if your body is in the best condition to do so.

Have you had one of those days when you wake one morning and you have to “peel” yourself off the bed because your muscles are so sore? I know I have. That’s your body telling you that you need to get some rest. Rest days are super important because it is then when the body adapts to the stress from the new exercises and the effect from your workout takes place. Your workouts cause muscle tissue breakdown and during the recovery period is when your body repairs the damaged tissues as well as replenish the energy lost during the exercising.

So here are few things you could do to take a break:
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