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Metabolic Cooking – Eat Your Way to Fat Loss


metabolic cooking

I was browsing around the web for workout exercises and inspirations, when I stumbled upon the following link-


Although I do not agree with their advertising tactics by running down an internationally acclaimed workout program, I do agree with their point that a fit body is attained by three things – right diet, right workout and lots of discipline. The term “metabolic cooking” was a foreign concept for me until I started researching about it, and realized that it is simply eating foods that are going to push your body to burn more calories even while eating, or otherwise.

Dave Ruel and Lorine Losier, the creators of Metabolic Cooking, claim that their recipes basically “torch the fat in record time”, and help you lose weight after while eating great tasting food. They claim that they use ingredients that are high in metabolic thermo-charge, that help in loosening up and getting rid of fat from within.

Watch this video to know more-

In this video, it is very clearly pointed out the type of food items to incorporate and the ones that should be totally discarded. None of these tricks are new, but they are a great reminder for cleaning up our kitchen and revamp it with healthy foods.

Their facebook page also provided a number of recipes and ideas, which might give you a good idea as to how one should cook and what the ingredients they emphasize on.

Hope this helps in your weight loss journey and gives you some insight and motivation into picking the right foods for your system.

Stay healthy, stay happy!
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Blogging – How To Stick With It?


we can blog it

The only reason I have ever stuck with blogging, because in those times I have found myself in these phases of extreme motivation and love for staying fit and writing. Yes I do have times when I am not at all focused. The reasons for distraction could be anywhere from a demanding job, family responsibilities or just simply laziness. And those are the times when I feel that ones has to push themselves the most.

But for some bizarre reason, my workouts don’t really experience the same amount of laziness as my blogging does. Yes I have said it- I love working out more, and I am totally addicted to it. If I did not work out, I would probably drive everyone around me crazy along with myself. MY family knows that very well, and hence they ensure I get my workout in. They are willing to change up their schedule, so I can get a workout in – they are awesome like that!

Currently my life has been seeing a tonne of changes and loads more that are coming up. Next few months are going to be extremely challenging for me to stick with blogging. So I started researching on how I could create a blogging regimen this time (instead of a workout one). I came across this article that quite fantastically lists a number of great ideas that a lazy blogger like me could implement and see some success!


Hopefully all you bloggers out there might find it helpful. If you have ideas apart from what’s mentioned in this article, please go ahead and leave a comment. I would love to get some ideas and inspiration!

Stay happy, stay healthy…always!

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Guest Post by Henry Croft: 5 Top Tips To Keeping Motivated In The Gym


Henry Croft
Henry Croft is a UK based fitness blogger who reached out to me last week and was kind enough to write a guest blog post for me. I was quite excited about the idea of him writing a post for my readers as I know how greatly we all could benefit from it. When he asked me what is it that my readers would love to know more about, or will be interested in, the first topic that came to mind was “Motivation”.

Please welcome, Henry Croft!
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Managing Fitness While Travelling


travel and fitness
It is that time of the year again – family vacations, road trips and other types of vacations. These will be at their highest starting now until the end of summer. Since its warmer out, it’s easier to think that getting a workout in should be relatively easier. But that is sadly not the case. It is much tougher to get into a rhythm in the summer, when every other day a get-together or a travelling plan is thrown in. So how does one find time for a workout in all this craziness? Here are 3 easy steps that will help with staying prepared and fit-
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Guest Post by Kendra Thornton: Energize Your Vacation With These Fun Fitness Tips


kendra thornton

When Kendra first reached out to me, I was pleasantly surprised and quite excited! We spoke about our passion for fitness and with her travelling background, she was willing to share some of her tips on staying healthy and fit while travelling. With the summer around the corner, I guess we all could benefit from her advice. So please welcome Kendra Thornton!
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Body Beast Review


body beast

If it was any great body building workout, this one would be it. This program fulfills all the requirements of a great weight training program –

  • Challenging
  • Variety (Working every muscle group)
  • Scalable (Can be made as tough as one would want)

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Get Strong Arms for the Summer – 5 Upper Body Exercises


upper body strength

The swim-suit season is around the corner, and if you want to look great in those tank tops, it is imperative to work the upper body! It is as important, if not more than lower body, to focus on shoulders and arms. Broad arms tend to give an illusion of a smaller waist. So if you build muscles around your shoulders, and make them look prominent, the rest of your body will look smaller.

So here are my top 5 upper body exercise I do to define my arms, shoulders and back-
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