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Seriously! What Can We Eat?


food frustration

This question has been bugging me for quite sometime now. I am one week into my extremely clean diet without workout challenge. And I must say, I’ve been successful in losing those tough pounds that I had been trying to for quite sometime. But, eating clean is not easy. The not easy part is the constantly coming up with ideas and searching for good healthy items. My weekly grocery shopping time just doubled, and so did my grocery bill! But it is something I am willing to let go for my health. But at the end of a few days, its more or less annoying.

The other issue is that the more health articles I read and youtube videos I watch, the bigger my list of “what you cannot eat” gets. Everything I used to love eating, has now been moved to the “cannot eat” list, leaving barely a few items on the “you can eat” list. So now I have to find ways of being creative with those few items along with the craziness of work and school! Go time management! However I have found a way to make my eating habits fun, and here’s what I do:
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