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Metabolic Cooking – Eat Your Way to Fat Loss


metabolic cooking

I was browsing around the web for workout exercises and inspirations, when I stumbled upon the following link-


Although I do not agree with their advertising tactics by running down an internationally acclaimed workout program, I do agree with their point that a fit body is attained by three things – right diet, right workout and lots of discipline. The term “metabolic cooking” was a foreign concept for me until I started researching about it, and realized that it is simply eating foods that are going to push your body to burn more calories even while eating, or otherwise.

Dave Ruel and Lorine Losier, the creators of Metabolic Cooking, claim that their recipes basically “torch the fat in record time”, and help you lose weight after while eating great tasting food. They claim that they use ingredients that are high in metabolic thermo-charge, that help in loosening up and getting rid of fat from within.

Watch this video to know more-

In this video, it is very clearly pointed out the type of food items to incorporate and the ones that should be totally discarded. None of these tricks are new, but they are a great reminder for cleaning up our kitchen and revamp it with healthy foods.

Their facebook page also provided a number of recipes and ideas, which might give you a good idea as to how one should cook and what the ingredients they emphasize on.

Hope this helps in your weight loss journey and gives you some insight and motivation into picking the right foods for your system.

Stay healthy, stay happy!
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Guest Post by Cat Smiley: Tips on Reducing Dietary Fat


Here’s yet another guest blog post. I am actually quite excited about this one, as we all would love to know how to get rid of the excess fat we all accumulated from the winter time and get into extraordinary shape for the summer! Meet Cat Smiley!

Tips on reducing Dietary Fat

Fat is an essential food group, vital to healthy functioning of your body. Although given a bad rap as a major contributor to obesity and undesirable weight gain, truth is, when you know what kind of fats to choose and how to include them, they can be used as a valuable weight loss tool. Not only do they make you feel fuller, they add flavour and satisfaction to your meals which in theory should make you want to eat less.


Earlier this year, the Food Standards Agency launched a campaign to reduce saturated fat intake to eleven percent of a healthy diet (foods such as crisps, fries, coconut oil, full fat milk and burgers). Animal fats are the main culprit for societies increase in obesity related diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. Previously healthy eating guidelines have pounded home the reduction of overall fat intake, these days the focus has shifted to a more specific and achievable recommendation to replace the ‘bad’ fats with the ‘good’.

It doesn’t take long to wolf down a thousand calories of fast fat but it sure does take some motivation to burn that off on the trails. If you are serious about cleaning up your diet, take the time to learn your options. Learn that a portion of cheese is about the size of your thumb (30g), ten nuts is a serving, and happy meals might not be all that happy in the long term. Find recipes that include avocadoes, seeds, nuts, low fat yogurt and aim to stick to the suggested serving size. Guideline amounts are appearing on most (if not all) packaged foods in Canada.

Since fat-free foods came into play, society has ballooned into varying degree of obesity. Let’s get back to basics with our food smarts – include fat, but just learn how to do it right.

Top tips

  • Use lower fat varieties of dairy products – yogurt, milk and cheese. Soft cheeses have less fat than hard cheeses. If skim milk is too watery for you, try 1 or 2%. Enjoy hard cheeses on occasion, and grate it instead of slicing. You will likely eat less.
  • Simply stop eating cakes, pastries a nd cookies!!! Unless it’s your birthday….but that only happens once a year. Cut the habit and you’ll slim down fast.
  • Eat burgers and sausages only on occasion. These are the worst for saturated fats, and high in salt. Grill fish instead, find some recipes and get creative. You might rekindle your love of cooking, beyond the great fry up!
  • Stay away from pastries – sausage rolls, pies.
  • Buy meats without the skin (the whiter it is, the fattier it is).
  • Lighten up on red meats and chicken – try to eat fish as your main meat dish.
  • Grill meat and vegetables instead of frying them. Get the barbeque fired up and invite your friends!


Cat Smiley http://catsmiley.com is a renowned fitness personality and has been named Canada’s top trainer three times by the International Sports Science Association. She is the owner of Canada’s leading fitness vacations http://whistlerfitnessvacations.com/about-whistler-fitness-vacations/ for women, located in Whistler, B.C.
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Hope you all benefit from these tips, and make small incremental changes in your diet and exercise routine, to see big results! Good luck!

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Yummy Oatmeal Breakfast


I am a creature of habit. There, I said it! My friends lovingly call me a “time-table”, and so does my husband. And this trait of mine applies to my daily meals as well. Frankly, I do not like too much variety in my meals, especially breakfast, since that’s the meal I have the least time to make. I am not proud of it, but hey! that works for me 🙂

For a very long time I had been consuming my yummy granola, greek yogurt and fruits in the morning Sweet, Crunchy, Yummy….Breakfast. But after months of eating the same breakfast, I realized it was time for a change. An oatmeal breakfast was my staple in college, as I hardly ever had time. And since my life recently has become extremely busy, oatmeal is all that I have time for. But wait a second, before you think about all the cons of Quaker’s Instant Oatmeal, let me correct you. I go for the quick oats option. These are easier to cook, and are delicious when cooked with the right ingredients, and are MUCH MUCH better than the boxed Quaker oats that are loaded with sugar!

Now many people out there might argue about which type of oats are better – steel cut or rolled or what have you. And the answer is IT DOES NOT MATTER! No matter how more processed or less processed oats are, they continue to retain their nutritional value. Don’t believe me? Google it!

Now let me get to the point of the blog post – to share my delicious recipe. And this time I have to give credit to my husband for it! I can rarely make this breakfast as well as he does 🙂
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Holiday Food Coma – 5 Ways to Prevent It


eating at holiday parties

With the onset of fall/winter, and Halloween, we have officially entered the holiday season aka. eat-till-you-drop season. Most of us have worked extremely hard all year to look our fabulous best on Christmas day, or new years night, or be able to easily fit into that dress we bought last Christmas, and made a promise to fit into it next Christmas. Whatever motivation you had all year, you do not want to let it all go to waste by overeating at a holiday party. So here are 5 ways to prevent having a food coma-
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What’s for Lunch Today?


lunch food item

Last night after a long day of work, running errands and studying for my finance class, I had just enough energy to whip up a healthy lunch. I have found that it is quite easy to just go to bed without preparing a good lunch for the next day, and then hastily grab whatever easy and unhealthy food I can lay my hands on, and consume that for lunch. But just an extra bit of preparation and pushing myself the night before, keeps me happy and healthy the next day 🙂 So here is what I am going to have for lunch today –
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Diet Tracking – How Do You Do It?

diet journal, tracking, food intake

diet journal

Like I have mentioned in some of my previous posts, the best way to keep a close eye on what you eat is by tracking it. We aren’t superhumans and keeping a mental note of what you ate the whole week can be pretty exhausting. Having self control at all times can be quite difficult as well.

So, having a diet journal can come in pretty handy in situations like these. Ever since I started journal/documenting whatever I eat everyday, it has truly changed my life. It not only helps me remember what I ate that day, but it also helps me compare and contrast between several weeks, and how I have been doing – the days I did well, and days when I slipped and turned into a glutton! 🙂

The most important thing to remember is – your diet journal should be like a mirror to you. Just like a mirror never lies (unless its one of those fitting room mirrors in fancy stores that flatter you so you can buy the outfit), your journal should be honest and truthful. If you had a chocolate that day, write it. You had a tub of ice-cream, write it. This will help you later in realizing that it’s time to take action and eat clean.

There are many iphone and android apps out there that do the same, and even calculates the calories for you. The one that I have been using is “My Diet Diary”.
My Diet Diary

Hope this helps and please let me know what you do to track your diet!

Focus T25 Challenge!


insanity, focus t25, workout, beach body, shaun t

After completing Insanity (twice), Asylum 1 and 2, and some of P90X, I wanted to challenge myself once again. I had heard that the Beach Body Insanity team was coming up with another revolutionary workout routine. And I had been waiting for it for a while, until they released it finally last week. So the long wait finally ended for me and today marks the first day of my Focus T25 challenge. Eventhough the regimen asks you to follow it for 60 days, I will be working on it until August 15th. I will try to document my progress as much as I can, but if I am not able to get a blog post out there, I will atleast get a progress picture out soon.
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