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What Am I Grateful For?


In our fast paced life, which we fill up with ambitions, expectations and list needs and wants, it is quite rare to stop and look around at what we have already accomplished, how far we have come, and how awesome our life truly is. It is quite easy to get caught in details, and let little failures bring us down. Little do we know that it is just as simple to look at the big picture, and be grateful for what we already have.

Here is my gratitude list I would like to share with my readers-

Today, I am grateful for…

  • My health that helps me achieve my day’s tasks and because of which I am able to be the person I am.
  • My body which is my vehicle for success, and helps me stay fit and healthy.
  • My healthy mind, which helps me push through toughest of days with ease.

AND last by definitely not the least-

  • My family, who helps me be a betterĀ ME each and everyday, and without whose love and support I would not have the appreciation for my life that I have today!

What are you grateful for?

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Stress is GOOD for You!


positive stress cycle

I know I sound crazy. Or that is what most of you might think. But the truth is that it has been scientifically proven – Stress is GOOD. Now at first blush you might think, how can that be? So many people have died out of stress. Terminal diseases have been caused due to stress. Stress kills people! And I will still tell you that stress is good for you, only if you choose to change your thought process.

This was a concept I had been wondering about for a while. Is stress really as bad as we think it to be? Stress simply involves production of specific hormones, increased heart rate, and in turn constricted blood vessels. Being in that state isn’t healthy for you. But what if all those bodily changes did not take place? What if you thought stress not as a negative but as a positive feeling?
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