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Secret To Living Longer


4 types of resilience,jane mcgongil

Spring break has officially begun! What it means for me? A week off from school! What it means for you? More posts from me to read! I am extremely excited about having sometime out from focusing on school work and spend that time in writing for all of my wonderful readers. Just the other morning as I was getting ready for work, I happened to stumble upon a TED talk and had it playing in the background as I was getting ready. And I must say, it had a huge impact on my day!

Jane McGongil is a game designer by profession and in this video she starts talking about the top 5 regrets of a dying person, and how playing a game can help a person achieve those things while they are still alive. She does an extremely great job in banishing the common myth around playing games – it is a waist of time and it kills brain cells. She scientifically proves that games can in turn have a highly positive impact on people and help them feel better, more confident and fulfilled with their lives. She then goes on to talk about “post-traumatic growth” and how playing certain kind of games help in improving and bringing about life changes after a traumatic incident.


But what I want you guys know the most in this post are the 4 types of resilience – physical, mental, emotional and social.

1. Physical resilience – Physical activity increases our body’s ability to handle stress and heal itself. Eg. adoptive an active lifestyle.

2. Mental resilience – Activities such as creative flow, reading or any kind of concentration increases discipline, determination and the ability to focus.

3. Emotional resilience – Provoking positive emotions such as curiosity, and love increases our overall wellbeing, health and longevity. Eg. hugging your pet, spending time with your loved ones, etc.

4. Social resilience – When we practice positive social engagement especially when touch and gratitude are involved, we get a hit of the bonding chemical Oxytocin. Eg. say thank you to a friend for his/her help, be grateful about your life and all the positive things you are surrounded by.

Now you must wonder what has this to do wit fitness? Well it has everything to do with fitness. Exercises and a good clean diet will only help if you are fit and happy from within. Having a low drive and determination along with low self-esteem or confidence, will not help you develop the will power which is needed to have a fit life. Hence it is as important to be fit from within. So for the next few days, make it a point to do these 5 things with me:

1). Take time out to spend an hour relaxing with your loved one. Eg. your kids, your husband, your friends, family, or even your pet.

2). Genuinely thank people for their help and do a little something to make their day.

3). Spend a few minutes infront of the mirror and tell yourself – “I am the best and I will strive to be better!

4). Smile alot!

5). Play some angry birds for a few minutes everyday 😉

Have a great week all!

Pose For Power


By Pallavi Sharma

power pose,body language,hormone,stress-free,body posture

“If you think about what people are doing in a job interview. You picture somebody sitting in a chair and they are hunching over their iPhone or Blackberry. They are making themselves small” – says Amy Cuddy, social psychologist and professor at Harvard Business School. When I first watched the video – Game Changers, I couldn’t believe that simply changing ones posture could bring about significant changes in ones behavior and thinking.

So I started going back to all my times at work when I felt powerful and in control, or for that matter even in school. Those times have typically been when I am leading a meeting at work, or leading a discussion in class, or when I am placed in a position of authority. And then it struck to me that in all those times subconsciously I made myself big – spread my hands more and had basically an open and confident posture. And it all made sense to me that just changing your posture, makes a huge difference in the way you feel.

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De-Technologize To Lower Stress


By Pallavi Sharma

de-stress, health, de-technologizing, technology, stress-free

If we were to watch a movie of a day in our lives, it will be quite shocking how little time we have for ourselves to unwind and relax. What is more interesting is that individuals don’t seem to be bothered by it anymore. They have accepted the mind-numbing craziness as a part of life and are willing to go on with it. They have forgotten to stop for a second and ask themselves, where are they really going and what are they doing?

I too have been a part of that kind of a lifestyle and in some ways still am. But what I realized was I could not go on too long with the high intensity and stressful schedule. And I also cant be waiting for that one big vacation which is probably two months down the line. It is absolutely imperative to go on little mini-vacations throughout the day and the first step to doing that is “deteching” or “de-technologizing” yourself.

Constantly staying connected with facebook, twitter and emails creates a sense of urgency in our brain. The urgency to take that phone call, or reply to that text, or comment quite sweetly on your friend’s picture even when you know she looked horrible in that dress or tweeting about your new car. All these different forms of technology sap our energy, lower our focus and concentration and raise the stress level. So here are the ways I use to reduce stress in my busy life:

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Miracles of A Massage


By Pallavi Sharma

You may have a desk job, or a job which demands walking on high heels. You maybe a sports person or a plain and simple “fitnessoholic” like me. Just like any machine which runs on oil and grease and requires frequent maintenance, your body is not a whole lot different. It is your vehicle, your car, and to keep it up and running, you need to give it rejuvenation and maintenance time.

How many of us in a day feel like or even get a chance to sit down and do absolutely nothing and simply immerse ourselves into the deepest levels of relaxation? How many of us feel the need to say “stop” to the constant state of frenzy around us and listen to what our body has to say? It might seem queer to a lot of us, but our body has a voice too, and when you suffer from muscle reuse or injury of any kind, it craves to be massaged and relaxed. So cater to your body’s needs and it will serve you back!

How does massage help in revitalizing your system? Being a student during college, affording a full body massage was a far fetched dream. So it’s importance never occurred to me. As I went on with my vigorous workout regime, there were days I would experience extreme muscular pain and my body at that time would crave for a massage. However with the aid of our anytime friend, Advil, I would fix myself. Not until I received a 50 dollar coupon at my health club spa, that I even thought of trying the much talked about thing out. And guess what? I realized what I had missed all these years. It was a one hour full body massage by the Senior Massage Therapist and I must say it was one of the best times in my life. That hour seemed like a blur and I was never more relaxed ever before.

Massage not only plays a key role in reducing the hypothalmic area of the brain but also decreases the stress hormones and increases endorphins in the body. And as I have mentioned in my previous articles that endorphins are the “feel good” hormones, it makes it clear why the body experiences an invariable feeling of goodness and positivity.

If you are looking for a great way to do frequent mini-massages on your own, here’s a great video which illustrates the tension points of the back and how to massage them.


Please feel free to post your own findings and suggest ways and means to do your own massage.