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Body Beast Review


body beast

If it was any great body building workout, this one would be it. This program fulfills all the requirements of a great weight training program –

  • Challenging
  • Variety (Working every muscle group)
  • Scalable (Can be made as tough as one would want)

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Get Strong Arms for the Summer – 5 Upper Body Exercises


upper body strength

The swim-suit season is around the corner, and if you want to look great in those tank tops, it is imperative to work the upper body! It is as important, if not more than lower body, to focus on shoulders and arms. Broad arms tend to give an illusion of a smaller waist. So if you build muscles around your shoulders, and make them look prominent, the rest of your body will look smaller.

So here are my top 5 upper body exercise I do to define my arms, shoulders and back-
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Exercise of the Day!


leg raises

I quite recently started doing leg raises. I know, it’s sad that I did not before, because I always found them to be too hard. But ever since I decided to push past my hesitation, I have seen definition, I had never seen before!
Wanna target your rigid lower abs?
Wanna tone your biceps and triceps at the same time?
Wanna strengthen your back muscles and glutes?

Do leg raises!

In my opinion, this is truly the MOTHER of all ab exercises (ofcourse after planks 🙂 ). All you need is one of these.
pull-up bar
It targets all the ab muscles at once, give you a more complete ab workout, versus doing a million of different ones. Do 10 reps of these, 3 times, every couple days, and see the difference.

Push your boundaries today and try a new exercises, maybe the one you think you can never do 🙂

Happy Friday!

Sculpting With Yoga


By Pallavi Sharma


Yoga has always been known for creating the synchrony and balance between the mind and body. Not only does it create a sense of well-being but also makes the body supple and flexible. But the buzzword these days seems to be “yoga sculpt” which has become quite popular and has been known to bring about significant changes in the body.

We all desire to have a more slender and toned body, not forgetting the much sought after “strong and ripped core” 😀 There surely are many ways out there to achieve the same goal. But the added advantage of building strength and endurance in the muscles makes Yoga Sculpt the favorite choice for most people and even celebrities these days.

So what is Yoga Sculpt? It is a perfect fusion of yoga, strength training and core strengthening exercises. With the help of free weights and using yoga postures exercises like bicep curls, glute work and ab crunches are performed in a heated condition (a heated room/studio preferably) which causes the muscles to easily bend, tone and sculpt. I personally practice yoga sculpt 4 to 5 times a week at CorepowerYoga (www.corepoweryoga.com) and feel energized and pumped the entire day. Burning nearly 500 to 600 calories, getting a good and satisfying workout, and sweating heavily in just one hour helps me save time. This is perfect for people who have a time crunch and want most out of the time spent.

This also seems like a perfect exercise for people who love group fitness classes. To see amazing bodies and motivated people around you, keeps you boosted continuously to push a little harder than you think you can. It also helps in realizing your inner strength and the miracles you are capable of creating in your life. Personally to me it has been life transforming and I have grown and blossomed every single day of my life ever since I started practicing yoga.

I would highly recommend anyone and everyone to find out about a yoga/yoga sculpt class near you and pay a visit and try it out to see if it is for someone like you. I am very sure you will not be disappointed!